Something AboutThe Way They Process Things Differently


She never ceases to amaze me!
For months we have worked on so many things to get Harmonee to communicate like a typical child. Saying what she wants, pointing, sign language, you name it. She picked up on sign language so quickly and easy that we kind of stuck with that for a while. A lot of credit goes to the program subscription “Signing Time”, this program has Harmonee on her P’s and Q’s with sign language. We watched an episode every morning before school and she picked up on a lot of words was even how we got her to actually start using her voice and she would say the words along with the songs. We are still working on her communicating with us to tell us when she wants something other than her favorite “juice”, or when something is wrong, but we were never able to get her to point at things. Well last night was almost like a movie. She was on her iPad and I was working on more shirt designs when she comes over to the side of me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her arm slowly rising up and she held it straight out. I looked over at her and her index finger was sticking straight out and she was just looking at me with these puppy dog eyes. She was pointing! She was pointing at my pink cup with juice in it. It was all slow motion. I was so excited on the inside and I just didn’t want to overwhelm her or wake baby sister. So I just gave her my cup and she walked over back to her ipad and sipped away. I wanted to see if she would do it again so I asked for it back. 5 minutes later she came over and pointed again, and I sure have it to her! I’m just so overjoyed to know that even when we think they are not paying attention to what we try to teach them they really are but also knowing that they process things differently and finally seeing an outcome as if they have been doing it all along just does something to my heart! I love this little girl! Sometimes I’m able to get the best smiles out of her and when I do they are the light of my day!



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