She talked! She actually said a real full sentence !

Today the occupational therapist came for our eating session and normally we work on trying new foods. Harmonee wasn’t really too much of herself today due to running slight fevers and not feeling her best but I tried my best to knock it all out with Motrin and Zarbee’s cough syrup (which works miracles by the way, I highly recommend it, we have been using it since she was an infant)before the OT came. The goal for today was to try to get her to eat some mac and cheese. Well she fought and cried, and pushed our arms away and after a few tries we just sat and waited for her initiation. I continued to assist with baby sister because now she is tired of being in the play pen and I give her a nutter butter to keep her quiet. Well Harmonee decides she wanted one too and starts whining for one. So we give her one and she reaches for the OT’s hand as if she wants something and we sit quietly anticipating on what to do next. “I wannna go” is what we hear. Now the OT has never heard her talk or even babble much, a lot of singing but never real words. And I have heard her say words but never a full blown sentence on her own that actually made sense, with real words. She mostly imitates when we ask her questions, referencing to echolalia. Time completely stopped for me as I listened closely to see if she had really said what I thought I heard her say. I thought my ears were just making up words but then….”I wanna go out-shide” there it was again! Just as clear and I can still hear it ringing in my head. It was the most beautiful sound I had heard in a loooong time. I jumped up out of my chair with mixed emotions and told the OT well we are going outside honey because that is the very first time she has EVER said anything that way. The OT was completely shocked as well and agreed to go outside. It’s such a huge accomplishment and a shock to all of us, even Harmonee. I just can’t get the image out of my head of how she looked while saying it. It was almost like she assumed we wouldn’t understand her because it has been so long of frustration and crying when trying to tell us what she does or doesn’t want so when she said it she had her head down as if she was not really enthused about it coming out the way it did. I will never know what goes on in that little brain of hers, but I will always let her know that mommy is listening and as long as you try we will figure it out! I’m so grateful for today and I’m praying extremely hard for more days like this to come.



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