Embracing Autism through iAutism


When I first started noticing the signs about my daughter, I realized I was the only one that felt that there was something different about her. Although I would try to explain things to the rest of my family and friends it just seemed like no one was getting it.
I was always given good advice that I would try anyway because I knew most people had more experience than I did as far as raising children. After a while I realized none of it was working for her like everyone tried to say it should. I took a lot of time trying to figure it all out and all my patience was beginning to wear thin more and more everyday. I felt like I was drowning. I felt like I had lack of support from every direction because I was literally doing everything on my own from research, to making appointments, asking questions and seeking for answers. I felt horrible because I was the only one trying to speak for her and trying to get people to understand what she does or doesn’t compared to other children her age. Typical advice would always be “she will grow out of it” or “that’s just Harmonee” and it all started to make me feel so numb. The most challenging part about it is that most people don’t know that the Spectrum has broadened so much over the years and not every autistic child is going to be or act the same. Even though autism is a lot more common now than it was back then, there are still many different levels of the spectrum. Some people have even been known to grow out of the disorder if it is caught early. It’s very obvious to many people that Harmonee is on the high functioning spectrum and I am truly grateful that she is but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to handle. We still have a long way to go with a ton of things to accomplish and one of those things along with many others struggling with autism, is having their own voice. Harmonee is still a late talker. She still isn’t able to put two words together or to even let me know when she is in any unexplained pain. Even though she is turning 3 in a few months I feel like we have been fighting this for a lot longer. Since before the diagnosis I have been her voice, which has inspired my passion for ALL who are on the spectrum. iAutism was created to be a voice for others as well and I pray that it does just that.


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